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UK Current Transformer
UK Current Transformer
$1.2/per CA-MES62/30 100/5A 1cl.hottest model in Europe,South Africa,Russia Market  Samples free!
Window type MES current transformer(Blue)
A range of (10 frames) compact design plastic case current transformer. It's volume is much smaller than general model, integral hinged plate terminal cover, DIN rail mounting all makes this series CT match the requirements in space limited panels.
Three built in fixing methods:Side base; DIN Rail; 
Busbar mounting
Built in hinged terminal cover
Compact design
Primary current from 5A to 3000A.
Rated Frequency                                                50/60Hz 
Rated test voltage                                               3kV AC. (1 min) 
Rated short-time thermal current(Ith)                    60In 
Rated dynamic current, (Idyn)                             2.5Ith 
Rated voltage,(Um)                                             0.72Kv AC.
Continuous overload,(Id)                                     1.2In 
Operating temperature                                          -10°C~50°C 
Housing self-extinguishing class                            VO 
Safety factor                                                       FS 5 
Secondary current                                               5A/1A 
MES series photos: 
MES-62/B, MES-62/20, MES-62/30, MES-62/40, MES-80/30, MES-80/40, MES-80/50, MES-100/60, MES-100/80, MES-145/100

oduces basic role
The effect of current transformer is that the numerical larger a current through the certain ratio of transformation into numerical smaller secondary current, used for protection, measurement purposes. If change, ratio of 400/5 of the current transformer, can the actual for 400 a current into 5 a current.
1) current transformer of the connection should abide by the series principle: that is a winding should be measured circuit series, and secondary winding is with all instrument load current transformer
Series 2) according to the measured current size, choose the right change, otherwise the error will increase. At the same time, secondary side must be grounded at one end, in case the insulation once damage, a side high pressure into secondary low pressure side, causing personal and equipment accident 3) secondary side won't allow open, because once the open circuit, a side current I1 all become magnetizing current, cause φ m and E2 sharply, causing core excessive saturation magnetization, heating serious and even burnt coil; At the same time, the magnetic circuit excessive saturation magnetization, the error increase. Current transformer in normal work, secondary side approximate short circuit, if suddenly make its open, the excitation electromotive force by numerical small value shock for a lot of value, the core of the flux present serious saturated ceiling wave, so secondary side winding will in magnetic through the zero hour induction out high steeple wave, its value can reach thousands or even tens of thousands of volts, endanger the safety of workers and instrument insulation performance. In addition, a side open-circuit make secondary side voltage up to hundreds of v, once touch will cause accident getting an electric shock. Therefore, current transformer secondary side is provided with short circuit switch, prevent a side open circuit. In use process, secondary side once the open circuit should be immediately remove circuit load, and then, stop treatment. All deal with rear can use again. 4) in order to meet the measuring instrument, relay protection, circuit breaker failure judgment and fault filtering device needs, in the generator, transformer, wire, bus section circuit breaker, bus circuit breaker, bypass breaker etc. Circuit are set 2 ~ 8 secondary winding of current transformer. For large current grounding system, general according to the three phase configuration; For small current grounding system, in accordance with the specific requirements by two phase or three phase configuration 5) for the protection of the site with current transformer should be installed according to try to eliminate the primary protection device is not reserve to set. For example: if there are two groups of current transformer, and position allows, should be in on both sides of the circuit breaker, make the circuit breaker in cross the scope of protection of 6) in order to prevent the pillar type current transformer bushing flashover caused bus fault, current transformer are usually arranged in breaker line or transformer side 7) in order to reduce internal fault of generator damage that is used in the automatic adjustment of the current transformer excitation device should be arranged in generator stator winding wire side. In order to facilitate analysis and in the generator merge into system discovered before internal fault, used for measuring instrumen

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