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Split Core Current Transforme
Split Core Current Transforme

TP23 100/5A 1cl. 9.9$/per,exactly match Lovato(DM1TA DM2TA DM3TA DM4TA),IME,Rayleigh Instruments(DBP23).Samples free!
Split core current transformers DP series

  • The DP series of current transformers have been especially designed to facilitate their installation in new or already existing networks. Thanks to its split core they may be installed without opening any cable or bus bar circuit.
    The connection of conventional CTs usually requires the interruption of the primary side circuit to pass cables or bus bars through the transformer core or to connect such cables to the primary terminals. The DP series transformers core may be easily opened and they may be installed and connected without any supply interruption,thus saving time and installation costs.
  • The main features of DP transformers are:
    -Small size and easy mounting
    -Wide inner window,allowing clamping of big cables or bus bars
    -Wide range of sizes to accomodate all the existing installations

    -High accuracy and reliability
  • Split core current transformers DP series:

    Primary current:
    Secondary current:
    Standard approval:
    Maximum voltage:
    Rated load:
    Short-time thermal current:
    Rated security coefficient:


  • Technical data & Specification:


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Protective current transformer
Protective current transformer main and relay device coordination, in line short-circuit overload of fault, to relay device provide signal to cut off the fault electric protection current transformer
Road, in order to protect the safety of the power supply system. Protect with micro current transformer working conditions and measurement of transformer completely different, protect the transformer only in than normal current DaJi times dozens of times the current and then began to effective work. Protection of transformer main requirements: 1. The insulation and reliable, 2. Large enough accurate limit coefficient, 3. Enough heat stability and dynamic stability. Protection of transformer in the rated load can meet the requirements of accurate level one of the greatest current call rated accurate limit a current. Accurate limit coefficient is rated accurate limit a current and rated a current ratio. When a current enough large core will be saturated do not rise to reflect a current role, accurate limit coefficient is says this characteristic. Protection of transformer accurate rank 5 p, 10 p, said in the rated accurate limit a current of permissible error 5%, 10% circuit malfunction the impact of the current to produce heat and electric magnetic, protective current transformer must bear. Secondary winding short-circuit cases, current transformer in a second internal energy and no damage to a current virtual value, says rated short time thermal current. Secondary winding short-circuit cases, current transformer can bear without damage a current peak, says rated dynamic current. Protective current transformer is divided into: 1. The overload protection current transformer, 2. Differential protection current transformer, 3. Ground protection current transformer (zero sequence current transformer)

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