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Loading type mini current transformer
Loading type mini current transformer
Operating ambient temperature:-25C -+75.C: Relative Humidity: less than 90%(at 25C);
Altitude: less than 1000m
Rated voltage: 500V; Waveform of tHe Power Supply: Sine wave; Waveform Distortion
Coefficient: Not more than 5%:
There should be no gases, steam, cHemical sediments, dust, filth and any other harmful
medium th
eriously affect the insulation of tH
No severe shaking and bumping in the operating environment
No strong irrelevant electromagnetic field in the operating environment
Loading-type current transformer
Suitable for a wide range of current(1. 5A-120A)
-There are standard holes on the primary lead wire; therefore, can be fixed at the terminal of
  the electricity meters with      standard bolts, which makes it both firm and convenient
-The primary lead wire is highly customer-tailored with more than 100 specifications,
-Encapsulated with epoxy resin to ensure strong insulation ability
-Linear output current, high precision
-PBT anti-combustion platic casing

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